Friday’s Hot Jam of the Day: Diane Coffee

There is no question in my book, Diane Coffee is easily one of the hottest bands to emerge out of the LA psych-rock renaissance. Shaun Fleming, otherwise known as Diane Coffee is spearheading what can only be characterized as an amazing musical renaissance in LA–but he has brought it to NYC. His talent draws from years and years of music appreciation and the songs show it–the band’s sounds is a perfect compliment to his predecessors. Listening to Diane Coffee and seeing the band perform live is like experiencing a music historical set in a contemporary setting. In any given Diane Coffee song, one experiences classic Stones, The Sonics, David Bowie, Crosby Stills and Nash, and even a little Sonny and Cher. Of course all of these reminders are just reminders. The truth is that Diane Coffee are a sound unto themselves. They have taken inspiration and molded an entirely new sound. However, they are part of a larger movement and share the stage with Ty Segall, Australia’s Tame Impala, White Fence and many more. Diane Coffee’s genius comes from the band’s influences and also the mind of Fleming. He is out there. Watching him perform live is incredible–he pulls out a deep intensity that is just not captured on their album. Fleming of course plays in another psychrock band, Foxygen. The long and the short of it is that Fleming and his bandmates have talent and are on a mission to take the music scene by storm.`

Listening to each Lo-Fi track is like taking a swim in in the most satisfying pool of music on a gorgeous summer day. If you’re a musicphile, I give you my word that you’ll enjoy at least one song of the Diane Coffee debut album, My Friend Fish.  Today’s jams are “Hymn” both live and recorded to give you context. It was the breakdown in “Hymn,”  at the end of the track, and seeing the song live that made me a believer in this band. The other tracks are “Green” and “Never Lonely.” They’re all hot jamz.


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