Wednesday’s Jam of The Day: Claudine Longett

Wow and about time! Just learned about this vocal psych star. Who is Claudine? She’s some kind of cosmic intergalactic kind of awesome. Imagine the offspring of straight dry delivery Nico and playful Deefhoof’s Satomi Matsuzaki. That’s French Claudine. Sad news is that she murdered her husband but was only convicted of a lesser crime and walked. So probably not the best person to be idolizing. But that said, in the 60s and 70s, she spun out some amazing tracks like this chilled out Stones cover of, “Let’s Spend The Night Together.” Anyway, her song was not credited by “Blurred Lines” and it should have been. Typical Jamerism is all I’m saying. So where does her music leave you? I’d say it leaves you on a beach in Bermuda, depressed but optimistic that the day ahead has sweet lovepportunity on the horizon.


Dig on today’s jamz.


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