Tuesday’s Tribute to the Open Road Jam of The Day: Mariano Rodriguez

Mariano Rodriguez from Bariloche Patagonia, Argentina–wow! His album, Praise the Road is Jaw droppingly beautiful slide steel, strut and picking. I recently stumbled into this immensely talented musician and have not taken him off the music cycle yet. His technique, authentic and open-minded sound is reminiscent of so many American appalachian to delta roots, British isles’ folk, latin excursions and desert blues musicians before him. But damn, Rodriguez has no problem falling into this pantheon of historically talented musicians. Rodriguez is a force unto himself and hails from the Imaginational Anthem school of guitar.

There is a folklore out there that has spanned generations internationally, from the oceanic explorers to the westward migration in the states, from Che in South and Central America to Kerouac and the beats, and from the loose-footed traveler to the romanticized road-trip, there has always been a mythos around the idea of the open road. The open road represents freedom, exploration, personal reflection, no-limits, an unknown, inspiration, confusion and a place for discovery (external and internal).

This latest album by Argentinean guitarist Mariano Rodriguez pays tribute to this long tradition of open road inspired arts, music, writing and folklore.  This album is guitar, banjo, organ, and Jew’s harp and tells complex stories of discovery without words.

Rodriguez’s songs are exploratory, memory riddled paintings that have a creative curation that I think is the musical expressionistic equivalent of famed Argentinian Author, Jorge Luis Borges. Every corner of this gorgeous music has possibility.


Enjoy today’s knock-out killing it jam. Also Check out the full album, Cypress Shadow by him below. The whole album is amazing but track 2 and 10 really resonate for me..


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