Wednesday’s Jam of The Day: DeerHoof

I could go on for hours about all the ways that Deerhoof have taken music to heights rarely witnessed during our contemporary time. But for the sake of brevity, I’m going to keep it real. Back in 2012, Deerhoof created another masterpiece titled: Breakup Song. And yes, as we all knew then and still know today, this powerhouse experimental rock group who pulls from the greatest for inspiration, delivered. So yeah, Deerhoof is on tour and on a mission to continue their awesomeness. They recently released a video from the album, Breakup Song, for the track, “Flower”dhBut let’s go further. Why? Because Deerhoof deserves it. Satomi Matsuzaki plays bass and sings, Greg Saunier plays drums, John Dieterich and Ed Rodriguez play guitars. As a crew, they are a force to hear, experience and understand. I might call them one of the best, most versatile, abstracted, technically talented, entirely original and unearthly bands of the past two decades.  From fuzz to noise, from artistic abstraction to absurd pocket drumming and from sonic jaw-dropping vocals to shredding guitar–they always deliver the goods.  They single-handedly transformed our way of viewing pop and its potential. What’s not to love about these pioneers.

Dig today’s jamz!

“Mario’s Flaming Whiskers”:

and the classic (one of my favorites) Fresh Born””:


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