Friday’s amazingly hot jam of the day: John Wizards

Maputo or Cape Town or Dar Es Salaam, it just doesn’t matter. John Wizards is bringing the hotness.

Leader of the pack and producer John Withers visited and lived in all three locals. His inspiration came from the cultural vibrancy, sounds and urban environment. You can hear his influences in each gorgeous and ephemeral track. Today’s jam is “Muizenberg.” And yeah, it’s hot, the kind of hot that makes you want to go for a stroll with your shades on looking at the city around you bustle in slow motion. Each corner you turn open with a sunny fade in a stranger smiling or doing something that a stranger might do, like bite into a hot dog, trip on the sidewalk, cough, laugh or just ignore you and walk by.

John Wizards is a band that is crazily eclectic with dashes of reggae, R&B and electro-fuzz pop. I’m digging these jamz this early spring and you should too.


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