Friday’s WooHa Jam of The Day: tUnE-yArDs

Finally! Merril is back and tUnE-yArDs are back. She has been on tours and also less available since she dropped the hugely successful tUnE-yArD album,  w h o k i l l. All of us fans out there have been waiting and waiting and waiting for her to come to town with a new amazing album. And boom, she does let down. Merrill Garbus was in Haiti last year to, where she absorbed the culture and contributed as a human. Also while there, she, as she puts it, “situated myself in a non-western musical tradition.” She took dance classes and enjoyed life, pulling from a swath of music and dance influence. Like a strong method actor, Merrill places herself in musical context to find her creative vision and then she executes amazingly in her style. So here we are, the release of “Water Fountain,” an amazing song off her upcoming album, Nikki Nack, out May 6th.



Enjoy today’s super hot tUnE-yArDs jam!!!!


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