Friday’s Cosmic Awesomeness Jam of The Day: Prodigy vs. Enya

This post is the truth. The gospel of awesome. The holy grail of mash-ups. The king of thunder. The gravity to earth. The water to life. The sugar to candy. The arrow to cupid. The sun to flowers. The genie to Aladdin. The wand to willow. The Ziggy Stardust to David Bowie. The Ragnarok to the Vikings. Pasta to itlaians. The can opener to the closed can. The cheese to the mouse. This mash-up is the golden fleece of cosmic awesomeness that was brought to this planet on an intergalactic 90’s new wave time-travelling wagon of love destruction┬ácovered in glitter gems filled with gushers and ethereal mind fruit roll-ups of destruction!!!


Enjoy today’s jam.