Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: THEESatisfaction + Shabazz Palaces + Porter Ray + Erik Blood

Well shit. Plus Damn.

This is one of the hottest jamz I’ve heard in a number, “EarthEE” might be giving a new birthee to neo-sould meats hip hop. Shabazz Palaces collaborates with fellow experimental Sub Pop geniuses, THEESatisfaction, on this gorgeous upcoming album also titled EarthEE. EarthEE is set to hit the shelves on February 24. Oh and by the way, dayyum, it features Seattle postpunk monarch Erik Blood. I think there is a ton to discuss about this album. But in short, here’s what I think. I think THEESatifaction mangles, plays with, and reinvents R&B and neo-soul in the same way that Shabazz tackles rap and Hip Hop. So when we get the honor of hearing them collaborate, we get the honor of genius at work. THEESatisfaction is diving deep into less charted territory. So get down.


Enjoy today’s jam.