Thursday’s Jam of the Day: Dum Dum Girls

Just over a month ago, the ethereal and fuzzed-out, lo-fi blanketed Dum Dum Girls released their most recent LP, Too True. This album is a bit of a step-away from some of their harder-hitting numbers. The entire album is reminiscent of a foggy dream that is driven heavily by effects and pedal usage. Each track from “Too True To Be Good” to “Lost Boys And Girls Club” and “Are you Okay?” leave listeners in a hazed and unsettled state.

That said, each video for the album, released so far, is stunning and deeply artistic. Today, a short was released showcasing the song, “Are You Okay?” by Bret Easton Ellis.

Dig on today’s jam.




Thursday’s CMJ HOT JAMZ Warm-Up: Brian’s Picks

Well, I am beat! Between work during the day and staying up til the wee hours watching bad ass music and enjoying the culture and venues of NYC, my mind has turned into olive oil. Anyway, Last night absolutely killed and the So So Glos and Japanther basically shredded my face off! Awesome!

So what are my recommendations for tonight? Below are the bands I’d see! They’re all going to kill it all night long. I’d recommend all of these bands as they weave their contributions into our music zeitgeist. Hope to see y’all there.


The Dum Dum Girls: \”Coming Down\”

The Lonely Forest: \”Coyote\”

Givers: \”Up Up Up\”

Dinosaur Feathers: \”Crossing the Cannon\”

Jape: \”Floating\”

Archeology: \”By the By\”