Thursday’s Hot Jam of the Day: King Khan and The Shrines

Well damn damn damn,
Where do we go here? W go on a magical hardcore journey to psychotic and crazed land of King Khan and the Shrines. King Khan & The Shrines have made their first music video since 2009 . “Bite my Tongue” is the lucky song to receive a jam video and well it rocks. As you’d expect. King Khan is now famous for being generally awesome, interesting and completely galactic and over-the-top in everything he does. Super KK, the protagonist of this video is a stellar superhero who appears from the bowls of a rainbow dream smoke filled sewer . After causing mayhem, he goes head to head with a Ginger Jesus. Also, must I say more than this video stars someone named “Rummelsnuff”. This video is pretty awesome.

Dig it!