Thursday’s Get Down with the Get Down Jam: King Khan and The Shrines

King Khan and The Shrines launched their stellar come back album earlier last month. It’s called Idle No More. It represents a lot of things. However, it really symbolizes the healing process that Khan went through with his bandmates after nearly losing his mind. You can totally hear the energy, lyrics, and ways that this song captures what it means to heal. Anyway, I dig it. But then again I dig all his work. His shows are completely nuts and his albums are perfectly sleazily spiritual about a personal apocalypse. The whole album is a about struggle and overcoming problems-it’s an uplifting Khan, the voice of someone the music world missed.


Go dig on some Khan. “Yes I can’t” and enjoy today’s jam of the day.

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Thursday’s Hot Jam of the Day: King Khan and The Shrines

Well damn damn damn,
Where do we go here? W go on a magical hardcore journey to psychotic and crazed land of King Khan and the Shrines. King Khan & The Shrines have made their first music video since 2009 . “Bite my Tongue” is the lucky song to receive a jam video and well it rocks. As you’d expect. King Khan is now famous for being generally awesome, interesting and completely galactic and over-the-top in everything he does. Super KK, the protagonist of this video is a stellar superhero who appears from the bowls of a rainbow dream smoke filled sewer . After causing mayhem, he goes head to head with a Ginger Jesus. Also, must I say more than this video stars someone named “Rummelsnuff”. This video is pretty awesome.

Dig it!