Wednesday’s hot hot Jam of the Day: Phèdre

Well damn,

This is a strange video but my note to self is that one day if I ever get married, everyone is going to pour honey and corn syrup on each other. Joking–or am I?
I’m not sure if I’m joking or not! So I just came across this psychedelic jam. It reminds me of hot 80’s jamz whilst melding futuristic bacchanalian  vocals and celebration! Phèdre just dropped an Ep online and well–the sounds are catchy and make you want to be a part of some nutso psychedelic mythos. This song is so cool because of it’s take on greek mythology! The song exemplifies using historic matter to influence cool song-writing . It’s interesting to think about just how many great songs could be made based upon ancient mythology.


I dig Phèdre : “In Decay”