Wednesday’s Jam of The Day: Garotas Suecas

Well, love hurts. Truth. Fact. It can suck. 🙂

Anyway, the hot Tropicalia/pre Tropicalia-“young guard” infused bugaloo and general awesomeness of Brasilian rock band, Garotas Suecas  (Swedish Women), has been hitting tracks for a couple years now. While they have not produced a new album recently, I’m confident they will be soon. What is important though, is that they just dropped a fresh new video to accompany their hot song about heartbreak, “Não Se Perca Por Aí.” Having seen this band play and bring a crowd to a full on dance party, it seemed they should be promoted for awesomeness again. This video is pretty hysterical as it walks the viewer down the road of love lost, the anguish of a puppet, the nostalgia of what was or what could have been, only to learn–you’re not just a weak puppet, you’re a human. So yeah, dig it.