Tuesday’s Jam Of The Day: Animal Collective

And their back with a new video for their hot single, “AppleSauce” off of Centipede Hz. Earlier this fall, AC dropped a new album, Centipede Hz that was fairly under appreciated. This video is psychotic awesomeness, even if there is no apple being consumed. This jam is certainly a pop favorite off Centipede Hz and this video makes it official for me.




Friday’s Absurd Nick Nasty Hot Jam of the Day: JJ DOOM


DOOM is now known as DOOM, previously MF DOOM, so no droppin’ the MF–that’s a name of the past. This hot video dropped yesterday for the sick (old school DOOM sound) track “Guv’nor” off his hotly anticipated  album Key to the Kuffs that just launched this week. This video is great and includes split screen 3D love. I know that sounds silly but let’s be real–Doom is back and taking names! Also, this track has a hot waving drift in the back that  includes quintessential cartoon samples that have become synonymous with this rap king. This jam drops samples from a pretty funny show called, the “Regular Show.” Dig it.

So where are we at and who the hell is JJ? We are killing it in this collaborative effort and JJ, Jneiro Jarel, is the perfect production accompaniment to the infamous and surreal DOOM. JJ has maintained his sound and also cut through the Madvillainy comparisons in an effort to add his own spirit to the history of DOOM projects. JJ  has pushed DOOM into tracks that have a more bouncy flow than he normally meshes with which makes this album interesting, different, and awesome. The production is unique and has lived up to DOOM’s reputation with a dark low-fi vibe that is quintessential to DOOM, yet these instrumental have opened DOOM into different categories of satirical flow and fitting flow. However, I feel like this album is not as powerful as it could be and is a bit disjointed.

That said, we cannot deny that DOOM has the most notorious underground hip hop  MC name of the past decade and it’s so clear that his influence has cracked through several areas, from his dark low-fi, monotone flowing approach to his black humor. DOOM opened the door for people like Danny Brown and Das Racist to flow with the humor that they do. And let’s be real, Odd Future boys have ripped beats and flow style directly from DOOM, youngsters… The point is that it is great to hear such a historic man re-emerge with style and understanding.  So while this is not DOOM’s best album to date, it is a olid come back.

Several of his tracks off Key to the Kuffs satisfy your ears with a sophisticated DOOM flow that like many cheeses, matures to perfection with age. Tracks like: “GMO”, or “Bout the Shoes” show that Doom is not scared but rather super willing to tackle new areas of sound on this album. What makes this album unique is the uppity production by JJ and the stellar accompaniements Damon Albarn and Beth  Gibbons with subtle and cool contributions. Also, there are three tracks with no DOOM contribution. These features add an interesting and cool quality to the new LP. I’ll tell you what though, “Winter Blues” is a phenomenal track.

So what do I think? I think Doom has made a solid album with JJ and it’ll prob be one of the top ten’s of the year.

Dig on this ridiculous jam

Thursday’s Hot Jam of the Day: King Khan and The Shrines

Well damn damn damn,
Where do we go here? W go on a magical hardcore journey to psychotic and crazed land of King Khan and the Shrines. King Khan & The Shrines have made their first music video since 2009 . “Bite my Tongue” is the lucky song to receive a jam video and well it rocks. As you’d expect. King Khan is now famous for being generally awesome, interesting and completely galactic and over-the-top in everything he does. Super KK, the protagonist of this video is a stellar superhero who appears from the bowls of a rainbow dream smoke filled sewer . After causing mayhem, he goes head to head with a Ginger Jesus. Also, must I say more than this video stars someone named “Rummelsnuff”. This video is pretty awesome.

Dig it!

Thursday’s Jam of the Day: Azealia Banks

Well, she just dropped another awesome video for “Liquorice” go check it. Today’s jam though is Azealia’s just launched jam, “Aquababe”
Not much to say expect the new video rocks in the now quintessential Azealia way. and “Aquababe” another track off her upcoming Fantasea mixtapeis just evidence that Azealia wants to conquer the scene. Can you dig it?