Thursday’s Jam of the Day: Daniel Rossen

Grizzly Bear’s new album is still on the shelf and news has yet to trickle out about it. However, Grizzley Bear’s Daniel Rossen just announced the release of a solo EP titled  “Silent Hour/Golden Mile.”  Today’s Jam of the day, “Saint Nothing” is off the EP. What do I think about it? I think this album is sincere and gorgeouos–there is something striking about this song as it makes me feel as if Rossen is on some kind of mission to find himself–he comes across as lost and confused–it seems like this album or this song is a means for him to contemplate and rediscover where he’s at and where he stands.  The strings and horns swell and shrink throughout the song  as if they are breathing and meditating. The song reminds me of taking deep breaths on a very cold day in the woods.  “Saint Nothing” is a hot jam.