Thursday’s Technicolor Jam of The Day: Thee Oh Sees

Earlier this year, there was a scare that Thee Oh Sees might break up. But then they released a song off their up-coming album. Good news, they’re still at it and innovating their sound as always. I’m excited for Drop to drop. Their most recent release is an animated video for “The Lens.”

The gorgeous paper cuts animated video is exactly the pairing to this almost minstrel tune.  Parts of it remind me of The Beatles and parts of it remind me of a dark, melancholy and more mysterious psychedelic band that is dabbling in some technicolor  escapade that a lone astronaut might experience while on a peyote driven space vision quest. The visuals of this video are hot and really strange.


Enjoy today’s hot jam.


Monday’s Hot Hot Jam of the Day: Thee Oh Sees

Well you can all breath a sigh of relief. Pioneer garage psych rock band Thee Oh Sees are back and will be releasing a new LP this Spring. A few months back they announced a hiatus. In the music world that can mean what it is or that can mean, we’re breaking up. It was instigated by Thee Oh Sees front man,  John Dwyer, but thankfully this amazing band is going nowhere but back to enjoying life and making amazing music.

Their new LP will hit April 29 on Castle Face Records. This album promises to be amazing and will feature cameos by several Castle Face musicians. Anyway, this is great for all of you out there, who like me, are fans of everything Thee Oh Sees are and have done for music history.
The album Drop is not streaming yet but a teaser has been released called, “Penetrating Eye.” This album will have fuzzed out jams and heavy cuts as this band carves out their unique and unwaveringly adaptive style. Somewhere between paranoid and chaotic with a dash of pensive is what to expect.

thee oh sees

Dig this absurdly hot jam and thank the music gods Thee Oh Sees hiatus was short lived.

Wednesday’s Jam of the Day: Thee Oh Sees

Every new Thee Oh Sees album is a gorgeous exploration, imaginative, and unpredictable. They have had means psychedelic acid infused garage albums with crazed vocals that make you stomp and scream like on Castlemania. And from quieter albums to straight ahead, slamming krautrock like Carrion Crawler.  Their up-coming album Putrifiers II released yet another track, “Flood’s New Light.” This song is assures listeners that they are honing in on a formula of garage perfection and approach. Sound.  Can you dig it?


Monday’s Jam of the Day: Thee Oh Sees

About a week ago, Thee Oh Sees,  announced yet another new album, their third in just two years.

The San Fran group, known for their amazing album output will release Putrifiers II on September 11th and marks the group’s fourteenth full-length to date and include the recently released track “Lupine Dominus.”The new track has a resemblence to the sound Thee Oh See pursued on their last album, Carrion Crawler/The Dream. The final takeaway is a a krautrockesque jam with great lofty vocals.

The new album rocks as usual and their latest tour is up.

Wednesday’s Jam of the Day: Ty Segall

It’s no hidden fact, I like garage rock. Aside from Thee Oh sees, The Sonics, and any group in between– the rawness and strangeness of garage rock seems to sooth my mind and well– yeah. Today’s jam comes from Ty Segall. He is a prolific and often overlooked soloist who performs in several bands including The Traditional Fools, Epsilons, Party Fowl, Sic Alps, and The Perverts. To group him into a single genre would not be fair–but to describe his ability to play multiple instruments and transcend from a lo-fi flare to something stranger, more fully developed and energized is what’s right for Segall. His shows are contagious and rawkus. He in inspired by the strange and his newer work holds true to the weird legacies of bay area music. He reminds me of a younger John Dwyer and his intensity has the ability to chafe your mind.

Enjoy Today’s Jam of the Day.

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