Monday’s Jam of The Day: Yellow Ostrich

Yellow Ostrich has been around for a little while now and have produced two great and quite different albums.Yellow Ostrich’s heavily awaited second LP Strange Land launched. The album marked a milestone in the band’s evolution and a milestone in the sound that they seek to develop and disperse. Many will remember this band from their former album, that included , “Whale” and “Mary” among others. Strange Land is a decisive move toward a mor orchestrated album. This album was developed as a band unlike the former album, The Mistress that Alex Schaaf wrote solo.

Yellow Ostrich does an excellent job of incorporating multiple instruments into a very digestible sound that is accompanied by often humorous and darker lyrics. The combination is a perfect fit for a mind at ease. I think that says a lot about how they function as a  cohesive group with a vision and musical aesthetic. They are now on Tour and have released these new videos. All I can say is that Yellow Ostrich have found a beautiful common place between pop, fuzzed out melodic rock and dark-humor story telling.

Today’s Jams are “The Shakedown” and “Marathon Runner”




Wednesday’s super ridiculously mind-boggling jam of the day: Amon Tobin ISAM tour

Enough Said,

Amon Tobin: \”Journey Man\”
Amon Tobin: \”Did I mention that future is going to be fucking crazy\” (This is it, the craziest most stunning dance I have ever seen)

“One of the biggest tour stories of the fall is definitely ISAM: Live. The first time in Amon Tobin’s history that the artist has presented his music in a visual format is turning into the falls’ hottest ticket on the concert circuit, with all dates sold out at a record pace. ”

Amon Tobin’s work on ISAM has come untethered and has produced the new sound. It’s that simple. He is a musical master-mind. The entire album is a sonic deconstruction of  musical comforts. Throughout the entirety of the album, there are few moments during which a listener can relax before falling off a cliff into a dark and foreboding place. Basically, this album is unbelievable, marks a transition for Tobin and will be remembered for its revolutionary musical stage performance and sound .

Amon Tobin ISAM is tonight. This ticket is worth more money than Jesus’ Holy Grail to me.
There has never to date been an audio-visual installed performance of this caliber, utilizing these types of technologies, with such grand mastery. I may be the luckiest man alive musically tonight. “The future of musical performance and experience happening now.”



Enjoy Today’s Jam of the Day.

Jam of the day–Typhoon!

Typhoon, \”The Honest Truth\”

Lovely Friends

Hey everyone,

Sorry for dropping the ball this week. I’ve been listening to tons of music but have also been incredibly busy. At any rate, today’s jam of the day comes from a kick ass group and my good friends from Portland, Oregon. Typhoon is a fantastic music collaboration project that is maturing and continuing to carve out a niche unique unto their own.

“The Honest Truth” is off of their most recent album, a new kind of house. Also, come hang with them and me tonight for their Brooklyn show at the littlefield. The show at the Mercury was solid and sold out. Drinks after. Happy jam of the day.