Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: Pacific Air

The truth is that the only thing I think of when I hear Pacific Air are  clouds, beaches,  pools and lackadaisical days with nothing to do but chill out. “Float” recently had its official video released and the video pretty much envelopes everything you ever imagined or associated with Pacific Air.


Enjoy today’s jam.


Tuesday’s Jam Of The Day: Animal Collective

And their back with a new video for their hot single, “AppleSauce” off of Centipede Hz. Earlier this fall, AC dropped a new album, Centipede Hz that was fairly under appreciated. This video is psychotic awesomeness, even if there is no apple being consumed. This jam is certainly a pop favorite off Centipede Hz and this video makes it official for me.



Friday’s Mesmerizing Jam of The Day: Sigur Rós

Sigur Rós has produced a series of gorgeous and often whimsical Icelandic ambient, and strangely mesmerizing jams throughout their career. There is something about their music that transports you to an icy moonlit field, probably an arctic tundra, and you sit or stand in the middle of it, in complete isolation, listening to the wind howl past your ears and the cracks of ice in the permafrost bounce as your feet chew up the terrain below. The music of Sigur Rós has always been interesting and beautiful and cause for mindful listening. “Rembihnútur” and “Ekki Mukk” are two dazzling examples of the band’s talent and unique sound as described on their most recent album, Valtari. This music is perfect to think to on a bitingly cold and overcast but illuminated winter’s day.


Enjoy today’s jams

Thursday’s Absurdly Hot Jam of the Day: Bonobo

And Bonobo is back! Boom! What a pleasure to listen to Bonobo cut through the noise to produce another magnificent jam and album. His latest Ninja Tunes press is set to hit shelves on April 1st. The album will be titled: The North Borders and it consists of all the expertise you have grown to admire in the sounds that Bonobo competently puts together.  “Cirrus” is the title of the gorgeous single just released off his anticipated new album.  There are excellent jungle references accompanied by the melodic and hypnotizing vibraphone elements. The break down is simple, clean and candy for the ears. Also, what is it about a White Label Competition? I’m intrigued.


Enjoy the return of Bonobo


Here they are!

Over the past few days, Yeasayer has been launching videos to every song off of their upcoming album, Fragrant World. These are only available through today. I have compiled every song for your listening pleasure! These are all unlisted on youtube!I’m very impressed by the album–Yeasayer has managed to find a nice stylistic balance between their past two albums, existing on neither extreme. Enjoy.

01. Fingers Never Bleed 
02. Longevity
03. Blue Paper
04. Henrietta
05. Devil And The Deed
06. No Bone
07. Reagan’s Skeleton
08. Demon Road
09. Damaged Goods
10. Folk Hero Schtick
11. Glass Of The Microscope

Thursday’s Jam of the Day: Wax Idols

Hether Fortune is the mind behind Bay Area garage rock band, Wax Idols. Basically she’s a hardened musician and bad ass who has taken the dive into the massive post-punk/garage rock resurgence that SF is leading right now. The band’s full length LP No Future matches the scene well and with unique hits. The slant of Wax Idols is that of ‘60s girl groups smashed against  intersperses harder-edged post/proto punk stylings. Wax Idols stream across several genres but don’t leave you wondering what the hell you just heard. Their sound is solid with stella tempo mix-ups to prevent making the ear from losing anticipation.  Between  Joan Jett vocals and driving to more slow back-drops, Wax Idols capture a unique sound in their genre that needs to be reckoned with.

Tuesday’s Jam of the Day: Beirut

This past week Beirut released a stunning video for “The Rip Tide”, the title track from their 2011 album. The video is stunning, truly stunning and is an excellent example of when a music video production finds the intersection point of music and experience, sending your eyes and mind on a beautiful and memorable ocean voyage, capturing the essence of the song and depicting/completing the band’s view and expression..

Zach Condon was quoted saying,
“I always felt that “The Rip Tide” wasn’t fully able to project its own ambitions in song form.. no matter how it was performed or recorded, it felt contained by sound alone… the product brought the song somewhere that I had only been able to describe to myself…”


Monday’s Jam of The Day: Yellow Ostrich

Yellow Ostrich has been around for a little while now and have produced two great and quite different albums.Yellow Ostrich’s heavily awaited second LP Strange Land launched. The album marked a milestone in the band’s evolution and a milestone in the sound that they seek to develop and disperse. Many will remember this band from their former album, that included , “Whale” and “Mary” among others. Strange Land is a decisive move toward a mor orchestrated album. This album was developed as a band unlike the former album, The Mistress that Alex Schaaf wrote solo.

Yellow Ostrich does an excellent job of incorporating multiple instruments into a very digestible sound that is accompanied by often humorous and darker lyrics. The combination is a perfect fit for a mind at ease. I think that says a lot about how they function as a  cohesive group with a vision and musical aesthetic. They are now on Tour and have released these new videos. All I can say is that Yellow Ostrich have found a beautiful common place between pop, fuzzed out melodic rock and dark-humor story telling.

Today’s Jams are “The Shakedown” and “Marathon Runner”



Wednesday’s Hot Hot Jam of the Day: Liars

Holy shit, Liars blow my mind. Also, I’m sorry for  not writing the past two days–things got away from me. Let’s get on with it though. Today’s jams come from Liars, the art rockers are prepping to release their sixth studio album on June 5 under the title of WIXIW. What does this palindrome mean? Honestly, I have no clue. Maybe it is is an end unto itself.

The artistic approaches taken by Liars is for the love of the sound. In a recent interview Angus of Liars said,”It’s a palindrome, and that interested us as far as the idea of starting somewhere, going through a lot of work, and ending up in the same place you started.” This is beautifully put and full of awesome musical potential as far as concept goes.

This album is electronic and sample heavy and while it is inot so much about rock it is about essence of music with a focus of beat and sonic intent. This album is streaming all over the place and is well worth your time.

Enjoy today’s amazingly hot jam of the day.

Friday’s Banging Jam of the Day: Azaelia Banks

She just keeps dropping them and they keep going off! Azaelia Banks just dropped the hottest jam! The cut she just dropped is on par with 212 and yeah, I want to hear this in a club I’m certain it could go off in some kind of crazy way. Azaelia Banks has been taking the music scene by storm and this latest track titled “Jumaji” is the perfect addition to her style. “Jumanji” moves deep into club track land and is deserving of it. as it eaves hot samples throughout its entirety. Yeah, steel drums are addicting and poppy synth crescendos are hot throughout the whole song.

Lions, tigers, giraffes, board games and Azaelia Banks dropping her hot voice all over your face–“Jumanji” the perfect board game. Whenever someone mentions “Jumanji” to me from now on, I’ll definitely think of this new Azealia Banks which was produced by Hudson Mohawke and Nick Hook. This track should have been the theme music to the movie.  The jam will be seen on Azealia’s soon to be released mixtape Fantastic.

Dig it!